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PT. Parna Mas Energi

is a company active in energy that was established as an affiliate company in the Parna Raya Group.

PT. Parna Mas Energi was established under Notarial Deed of Esther Mercia Sulaiman, SH No. 19 of 18 January 2008, and ratified by the Minister for Law and Human Rights under Decision No. AHU- 12856.AH.01.01-TH. 2008 on 14 March 2008 at Menara Imperium, 12Xth Floor Suite A, Metropolitan Kuningan Superblock, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1, South Jakarta 12980.

In its endeavor to participate in the development of the energy industry, PT. Parna Mas Energi established a subsidiary company, PT. Menara Mas Energi, with PT. Kreasindo Eratek Dinamika (owned by Yayasan Pertambangan Energi).

PT. Parna Mas Energi's activities include the development of LPG Plant Pondok Tengah and acquiring/selling of natural gas (using pipeline distribution) and kerosene, diesel oil and marine fuel oil (using transportation facilities, including tanker trucks, ships, barges).

The LPG Plant in Pondok Tengah is being constructed by PME through PT. Menara Mas Energi, in cooperation with Pertagas in Babelan, Bekasi. The BBO (built, operate and own) plant can feed up to 15 MMSCFD gas, 100 tonnes LPG Product per day, and condensate 150 BBL/d. It is targeted to operate in October 2010.

PT. Menara Mas Energi

is a subsidiary company of Parna Raya Group, operating in the oil and gas industry, that was established by Yayasan Pengembangan Energi (YPE) through its company, PT Kreasindo, as a joint-venture with Parna Raya Group through its affiliate company, PT Parna Mas Energi.

The company's operations include acquiring, selling and distribution of natural gas from contractors and/or traders to consumers. In the company's planing stage are the LNG and CNG Projects.

The LNG Project include the development plan of a Mini LNG Plant, acquiring gas from outside Java Island and distributing gas to consumers using mini LNG tanker, LNG receiving terminal, LNG trailer and LNG regasification unit.

Simultaneously, the CNG Project is being prepared to use gas as CNG to meet the needs where there are no gas distribution pipelines, using CNG trucks.

To become an oil and gas company that is able to compete and contribute to the development of the national energy industry.

To operate a profesional oil and gas business by optimizing the available resources to encourage the development of the national energy industry, thus successfully contributing to the Yayasan Pertambangan Energi and improving the welfare of its community.